In My Way

If you wait for me to come
then I will follow.
If you go, then I will be
the one waiting.
All I know is you are
all that I can turn to
You should know, because
you’re always there.

Go on, and I will follow
I’ll be strong

It’s my way, pretending
no one ever moves me
But you know without you
all is dark, empty.
In the day when there’s no
path for me to follow
In my way, I’m longing
just for you.

Hold on, I’ll get there somehow
I’ll be strong

Look for me, know that I will call you.
Wait for me, know that I’ll do my part,
for you are there, reaching out through the darkness
I’ll go on, knowing you are in my heart.

Written 2011 for the production
“5th of July” U/Albany. (long intro underscore to end show.)

Music by Christopher McHale